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“The courts of this country should not be the places where resolution of disputes begins. They should be the places where the disputes end after alternative methods of resolving disputes have been considered and tried.”
– Sandra Day O’Connor

Mark Basurto

Mark A. Basurto

Mark A. Basurto


As a lawyer, Mark has nearly 30 years of litigation and courtroom experience across the country. Even before he finished law school, he had tried 3 jury trials as an intern in the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office, located in an Atlanta, Georgia suburb. He has been a criminal prosecutor, an assistant attorney general, a civil litigator, general counsel, and a national expert in witness preparation. He has seen it all. He continues to be associated as co-counsel in hundreds of cases across the country, including 44 of the 50 states, to help to prepare clients to testify both at deposition and at trial in high-stakes litigation.

His education, training, and experience taught him that no matter the case or jurisdiction, cases are driven by human beings who are captive to their own emotions. Even the most sophisticated and intelligent clients are often driven into conflict and will avoid settlement because fear, anger, guilt, shame, and a lack of communication.

“Discourage litigation. Pursuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can.”

– Abraham Lincoln

Mediation Services

Facilitative & Transformative Mediation

For a traditional mediation, Mark combines two different styles of mediation to give the parties the best chance at resolving their dispute. Facilitative Mediation is the most common style of mediation. It focuses on the interests of the parties and, where appropriate, emphasis is placed on trying to preserve the relationship of the parties. The mediator acts to “facilitate” a dialogue that allows the parties to develop their own solutions. Transformative Mediation is a relatively new style of mediation focused on empowerment and recognition. Emphasis is placed on empowering the parties to define their own issues and to guide the parties to recognize and understand the other party’s point of view.  Learn More

Workplace Conflict Management

Conflict is inevitable in the workplace. Resolving those inevitable conflicts is not as certain. As a mediator Mark can help create a positive, healthy work environment that will give your business the opportunity to be successful. Mark’s process teaches employees to listen to gain understanding rather than to argue. By asking the right questions during mediation, everyone involved can focus on the present and the future rather than the past. Mark’s approach can help your business deescalate problems and resolve disputes before they head to litigation or the termination of key staff. Reducing costs and the preservation of relationships for the long term is the end result of a successful workplace mediation.  Learn More

Divorce Mediation & Parenting Plans

Every divorce is different. Each divorce is the product of individuals with different backgrounds and experiences, marriages that are each unique, and family dynamics that are often wildly different from your neighbors next door. During what will likely be the most difficult time in your life, you should have someone help you and your spouse navigate the process to achieve and fair result that addresses each and every decision needed to achieve a divorce that is both final certain as to its terms. While as the mediator Mark’s job is to serve as a neutral party, he makes two things clear up front: (1) He is not neutral when it comes to children – Mark looks out for their best interests first, even if you or your spouse don’t; and (2) Mark works hard to detect and address power imbalances between spouses.  Learn More

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